2nd day off – chocolate again?!?

Did some computer work and cleaned the clothes , i made him and his friend salty pork steak – 孜然豬扒

This vegetable born to be salty , I didn’t make it with anything , what to do with this one !?!? I don’t like salad that much !

After dinner , he took me to Harvest to have Rocky Horror ! His favorite chocolate dessert !! Cream for topping , vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate brownie at the bottom ! He said is better than sex! Hahahahahaha! Lol !!!

And pimms taste like soft drink ! 
Relaxing night

He still wanna drink more ! He named this drink – kryptonite which he mixed the drinks with his style at home 

Taste nice ! Cheers!

Ice cream roll from ASDA , but it doesn’t taste good , like no taste , and too many powder in the cake roll

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