4th day off – Pregnancy photo for Jo

Since 2 weeks ago , i got my uneven haircut , so I went back to the Headmaster to fix the uneven part !

Followed the hair style of Victoria Beckham 

This time my hair is tidy and nicer

Joined my bf in Clare vision , and joined Jo and Sarah to take some nice photos before Jo give birth !
Dom gave her some nice shot and idea too

And this is the behind the scene shot of me taking pregnancy photo for Jo , can’t wait to post my work

And this is how shorty take photo from the top angle , hahahahaha !! Thanks my love for helping me

Jo , u looks gorgeous ! Look nice even in the mobile photo
Finished photo shooting at 6:30pm, We went back home and made Matcha green tea ice cream which posted in previous post!

Boyfriend surprised me a lot , they taste so nice ! I love u babe !

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