5 days off – we slept a lot in the 1st day

After 10 days working , we had long days off !!! It’s not easy to have day off in sunny day for us !!

He took me to a nice restaurant – Chez Bruce  ! Thank you babe !!
Before my lunch , I would love to have something sweet first !!!
This ice lolly taste nice , but they stopped to sell it in hong kong since 10 years ago! Called Super star – 巨星雪條,but UK still have it ! Great !!


Our food taste so nice , they served 2 types of biscuit and 3 types of bread ( the bread with rosemary is so good)  before the starter , main meal and dessert are included in £27 each!
Their food quality are very very nice, said thank you twice for baby taking me to have a big lunch 
My starter with salmon 

Main dish with squid and fish , the avocado paste are amazing !

His lamb 

And my warm chocolate pudding , with salty dark chocolate sauce , inside the ice cream, there are some biscuit inside ! OMG !! 

Taste too good !!!!
And he was studying his camera when I was having my chocolate pudding 

Very full now, we had a walk in the park

And took some rest and played with Bella, Bella wanna leave the room , she stood up and looked around , she look like human , that’s too funny 

In the night , we just bought some more fresh food for cooking in the next days!

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