How to use LumiSpa ( Step by Step guide)

As we talked about Home Spa in the previous post, we are going to start with LumiSpa, dual-action personal skincare device delivering skin renewal and deep-cleansing in a single treatment.

A package comes with a charging stand, power cable, device, and a cleanser. For the perfect result, please make sure you get the suitable cleanser for your skin’s type! Don’t know what type of skin yourself are? Take the quiz and find out:

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Before you start to do it, check the device is it fully charged? LumiSpa only has to charge it once a week, and the battery can last for around a week time (base on using twice a day), when I go for a short holiday, I only take the device and the cleanser with me.

Step by Step guide using LumiSpa:

  1. Wet your face
  2. Evenly apply the cleanser directly onto your facial skin
  3. Press the power button
  4. Glide the device in broad, linear strokes
  5. Spending 30 seconds on each region of your face
  6. Spread the ageLOC ingredients ( 2 – Sense motion technology thorough cleansing )
  7. Moving slowly, avoid scrubbing, and pressing too hard ( if your device sense that you are moving too fast or pushing too hard, it will vibrate and keep stopping and starting, brilliant technology to look after your skin )
  8. Wash it off, now is done.


For a thorough cleanse in just two minutes, even removing the makeup, is JUST 2 MINUTES! Now it leaves your skin clear and radiant.

Still, don’t understand how to use it??? No worries, please watch the video below:

English Version with subtitle on:

Chinese Version with subtitle on:

Step by step to clean the device:

  1. Take the head off, rinse it with water
  2. And do the same with your device
  3. Dry thoroughly with a towel, or just lay it to dry naturally
  4. once they are dry, then gently slide the head back into the place on the device, you can hear the “Click” sound.

Amazingly, LumiSpa is waterproof, and you can enjoy it in the shower or bath.

Keep the charging stand and power cable somewhere dry. Charging stand and power cable are not waterproof tho!

You might have more questions:

  1. Can I use another cleanser?
  2. What if my skin’s type-changing due to the weather or the environment?
  3. How do I know which LumiSpa treatment head is right for me?
  4. How many patents of the head for lumiSpa? What are the differences?
  5. How often should I use lumiSpa?
  6. Can pregnant women use lumiSpa?
  7. How long will my treatment head last?
  8. What is the warranty on the lumiSpa device?
  9. How do I know which lumiSpa activating cleanser is right for me?
  10. How long should the lumiSpa activating cleanser last?

We will go through these questions in the next post, see you soon and don’t forget to subscribe.


Hope this guide is helpful to you!! 🙂


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See more results with lumiSpa as below:


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